The Katy Music Teachers Association presented its annual Christmas recital at the Living Word Lutheran Church in Katy on December 3, 2011. There were 3 recitals held.

The first recital included the following students, pictured above:

Teresa Hoang, Connor Pickett, Felix Li, Madeleine Stegall, Hadley Sturdevant, Paige Weingarten. 2nd row: Austin Young, Leila Culp, Katy Melton, Visha Fon, Mariel Culp, Garret Glass,3rd Row Weldon Wolf, Jack Wolf, Cristina Rivera, Helene Olsen and Sara Deaton.

The second recital included the above students:

Reika Troung,Isabella Truong, Christina Gu, Atinuke
Kazeem, Ellie Pierce, Julia Hu and Sophia Wei, Christopher Thang and
Joseph Thang, Joshua Fan, Richard Fan, Jed Chen, Adam Chen, Sarah
Zhang, Victoria Zhang, Connie Yang, Kevin Yang, Henry Lu, Kevin Han,
Lauren Yao, Heming Yao, James Chong, Justin Chai, Anna Wang, David
Wang, Catelin Nhan, Joanna Wang, Tianni Han and Julie Kirbashyan, Evan Jin, Kenrich Huynh, Kevin Li, Rick Huang, Caren Koh, Leanne Fulo, Ellen Yue, Kelly Hu, Ashley Kim, Nadia Truong, Amory Tin, Amanda Hoogerbrugge, Gabriel Hoogerbrugge, Dora Huang and Elysia Wu.

The third recital included these students, pictures above:

Holly Pyron, Juliana Nelson, Brenna Champagne, Bailey Pyron, Katie Pyron, Amanda Kuan,, Vinisha Vasan, Ishani Chowdhury, Nick Griffin, Alexis Chanpagne, Natalie Ngo, Vincent Pham Vivian Nguyen, Ria Rao, Rivik and Ritika Bhattacharjee and Catherine Ngo.

Students are from the studios of Rebecca Combs, Dawn Ferrier, Libby Mickey, Irina Smakotina, Colleen Stadnick, Nancy Stevenson and Carmen Yip.

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