The Katy Music Teachers Association recently held their annual Spring Festival. 210 piano students participated in the event. Students performed for a judge who gave the student a rating from 1 through 4. Students who earned a 1 or 2 received blue and red ribbons, respectively. All students also earned a certificate.

The judges for this year’s event were Timothy Boaz, Katie Frank, Jill Kitzmiller, Betty Shaw and Winnie Wing. Many thanks to the Spring Branch Campus of Houston Community College for the use of their facilities in the Performing Arts Center .

The following students were chosen to perform in the Honors Recital. These students earned a special purple ribbon for their accomplishments.

Pictured below: Sara Diehl, Raymond Cheng, Lindsay Chu, Karleen Wu, Eric Ji, Sunny Tang, Ping Jing Toong, Juliette Farmer, Peter Chen, Audrey Liu, Casey Sutton, Jessica Rao, Sarah Shu, Ping Rui Toong, Angela Lin, Steven Sun, Austin Kuo

Pictured below: Adele Wan, Madison Mueller, Henry Lu, Jessica Liu, Lexie Kwon, Hannah Townsend, Brendon Garbee, Danny Tang, Isabella Truong, John Lu, Jessica Wang, Cody Meng, Henry Botond, Kendall Kaiser

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