The Katy Music Teachers Association held its annual Wee Folks Recital on October 13, 2012 at the LivingWordLutheranChurch in Katy.  The following students performed in the 10:30 am recital.

Row 1, L to R:  Barakah Azeez, Sona Venkat, Raghav Rau, Joel Han, Eesha Conikee, Nikhil Patel, Kate Hoormann, Evangeline Park, Andrew Marshall, Quin Jamison. Row 2, L to R:Victoria D’Ascola, Samara Karthigan, Prasitta Seenuvasan, Kathryn Marshall, Shailesh Maheswaran, Nushana Huq, Ava Oliver, Aisha Azeez, Ellen Baik, Sid Patel, Timothy Wong, Riya Louis, Ella Hoormann

Students who played in the recital at 11:30 (not pictured) were Olivia Chong, Andrea Chow, Nicole Teerman, Julia Hu, Tina Li, Victoria Zhang, Anagharanga Mudigere, Lulu Ma, Alex Shi, Reika Truong, Francise Li, Claire Huang, Kevin Yang, Karen Cui, Robin Su, Christian Gu, Gavin Zhang, Anna Wang, Lauren Yao, Cristy Chau, Joanna Wang, Ashley Kim, Evan Jin, Kenrich Huynh, Nadia Truong and Amory Tin.

Students are from the studios of John Ford, Grace Kim, Catherine Ladd, Kay Lowry, Cheryl Marshall and Carmen Yip

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