Wee Folks Recital

KMTA presented the annual Wee Folks Recital on October 19, 2013 at the LivingWordLutheranChurch.

The following students participated in the 10:00 Am recital.

From left to right, row 1:

Annie Li, Brian Xiong, Emma Zeng, Anthony Li, Olivia Chong, Anthony Zhu, Lucas Yuan, Timothy Chau, Megan Chou, Nathan Oentoro,

Row 2: Tony Chen, Victoria Zhang, Regina Wu, Cristy Chau, Nicole Teerman, Clair Huang, Reika Truong, Christina Gu, Tess Chan, Bella Chan and Kenrich Huyuh.


The following students participated in the 11:00 AM Wee Folks Recital:

Amelie Kwok, Mia So, Iona Forrester, Abigail Dailey, Sophia tamlin, Alex Shi, Tracy Li, Keira Dawson, Lu Lu Ma, Julia Hu, Riley Hall, Darcie Birbiglia, Raghav Rau, Andrew Marshall, Kathryn Marshall, Jessie Sun, Joshua Lyles, Arnav Rao.


Participating teachers were LInda Bryan, Susan Lieberman, Cheryl Marshall, Colleen Stadnick, Nancy Stevenson, Catherine Tetreault, MaryAnn Whitworth and Carmen Yip.

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