Alina Uddin Piano Concert

Katy Music Teachers Association proudly presented one of their own, Alina Uddin.  Ms. Uddin prepared and performed a wonderful concert for our students on April 15, 2016.  The program was planned with the students in mind.  Ms. Uddin took them through time with music from Bach (1700’s) to Scriabin (1900’s).  In between performances she gave interesting facts about the composers and a description of the pieces she was performing.  It was an excellent learning experience for our students.



Alina Uddin an accomplished Ukrainian born pianist, teacher, chamber performer and accompanist. She has appeared in different performing venues in Ukraine, Egypt, Spain, Morocco and the US.
Alina’s desire to become an artist came at an early age. She performed songs and poetry at all family events, but her dream was to learn how to play the piano. She had a small model of a real piano and she used to insert the sheets on the music stand and, sitting the dolls in front as an audience, imagined herself giving concerts.
She began her piano studies at the age of 7 at the Children Musical School No.1 in Sumy, Ukraine and gave her first solo recital ‘’Evening of Waltzes’’ at the age of 11. Alina continued her education with D. Bortnianskiy High School of Arts and Culture, Sumy, Ukraine, were she got an Associate degree in Music Art. She then continued her education in National P.I. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine in the class of distinguished pianist Lyudmila Martcevich. Alina has performed at National Philharmonic of Ukraine, National P.I. Tchaikovsky Music Academy of Ukraine, Kiev’s House of Teachers and National Museum of Literature in Ukraine and many others. While studying in Ukraine  she has also performed in numerous regional and national competitions and festivals.
Throughout her studies, Alina had the opportunity of working with a number of distinguished piano teachers such as Valentina Skoromnaya, Nelli Ldova, Aleksandr Ldov, Lyudmila Martcevich, Nancy Weems, Timothy Hester, and Brian Suit. She also participated in master classes with Michail Stepanenko, Alla Zadirackaya, Iya Pavlova, Cristina Capparelli Gerling and others prominent musicians.
Alina holds a Master’s degree in Applied Piano Performance from Moores School of Music, University of Houston. From Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine she holds a second Master’s degree, major in Piano Performance and minor in Piano Pedagogy, Chamber Ensemble, and Accompaniment.
Alina has taught for over 17 years. Her pedagogical experience includes teaching the students of all ages and all skill levels, from five years old to adult, from beginner to advance players. Beside her pedagogical career in US as well in her native Ukraine, Alina also taught piano in Egypt and Morocco. Her passion is to provide the best knowledge to each student’s needs and abilities. This allows her to tailor each lesson accordingly to each student. Her goal is to enrich the lives of children and others by providing the understanding of music, fostering the enjoyment and inspiring musical imagination.
Alina currently is a member of the faculty at the International Music Academy and St. Andrew School of Art.
Alina is a member of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), Texas Music Teachers Association (TMTA), Forum Music Teachers Association of Houston (FMTA), Independent Music Teacher Association of Greater Houston (IMTA), National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC), Texas Federation of Music Clubs (TFMC) and The Bayou City Federated Music Club (BCFMC).

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