Wee Folks Recital – October 28th, 2017

IMG_3016IMG_3017Did you know that KMTA presents student recitals or events almost every month? Your child can participate in difference performances or festivals and gain valuable performing experience. We have events such as the Jazz and Pop Recital, Ensemble Recital, Sonatina Festival, Winter Musicale, Boys Recital, American Recital, TMTA theory test, TMTA State Convention ensembles and many other events. All of our KMTA recitals have a fun, warm and encouraging atmosphere while still promoting excellent standards. The average private piano teacher can usually only have one or two recitals a year but KMTA teachers have the advantage of hosting more frequent recitals. Recital performances can help give students confidence that carry over to school presentations, public speaking or interviews.

This past Saturday, KMTA had the Wee Folks Recital at Christ Church PCA. 29 students, grades 3 and younger, performed on a beautiful large Steinway grand piano. The students all performed very well and were model attentive audience members. The students wore either their formal wear or Halloween costumes. The youngsters all practiced good audience etiquette and were quiet during the entire recital.  Congratulations to the following students for a successful recital:

Chelsea, Manato, Charles, Ignatius, Ryan, Daniel, Chaeyoung, Daniel, Sean, Katherine, Jason, Taeyun, Raymond, Jihoo, Jamie, Jason, Eliana, Vivian, Paloma, Agape, Jessica, Faith, Carlynn, Nathan, Tebin, Clara, Brandon, Layla and Brody.

A big thank you to Svetlana Antsulevich for being the chairperson for this event and organizing this wonderful event. The teachers that had students performing in the Wee Folks Recital include:

Hyejin Yang
Katherine Kelly
Mary Ann LaCour
Gwladys Hare
Diana Lopez
Carol Zmick
Linda Bryan
Catherine Tetreault
Carolina Tong

Our next KMTA event is the Sonatina Festival on November 4th.



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