I found this little blurb in the Houston Chronicle in the “Earthweek” section:


“Musical talent in humans and other creatures appears related to needs to move as synchronized groups in avoiding danger, one researcher says. Matz Larsson, senior physician at Sweden’s Örebro University Hospital says musical traits have been engendered by the need for some species to coordinate sounds that briefly prevent them from hearing predators and other dangers. Such behavior favoring evolutionary success is typically rewarded with the release of the ‘feel good’ chemical dopamine in the brain”.

I found this fascinating! What are your thoughts?

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Editor’s note:  this is a bit outdated, but vital anyway!


Making a difference!

KMTA outreach


I would like to report to you about two of our members who are making a difference in the world through KMTA’s outreach funds.


Although KMTA does not have a TMTA grant this year, we kept the funds for matching that grant in the budget to help deserving students who need financial assistance.


Brandon Amison has applied for up to $270 .00 dollars to cover fees and expenses

for Grace Wojan.  Grace is a promising cello student at Mayde Creek High School for which Brandon is providing free lessons.  Kudos to Brandon for reaching out to her.


Dawn Ferrier is working with the Make-A –Wish foundation providing piano and voice lessons to Jamie, an 8 year old cancer patient who requested these lessons as her wish.  Their family has exhausted all monetary funds and resources (including funding from Make-A –Wish foundation) on her medical care.  Dawn is teaching her free of charge and KMTA will be providing funds up to $250.00 to cover the cost of her music books and a keyboard.  Although Jamie is quite ill and hospitalized much of the time, Jamie is loving her lessons with Dawn.  Dawn is finding the experience incredibly humbling and feels that she is getting as much or more out of the experience as Jamie.  What a profound testament that this child has chosen to fill what may be her last days with music.



Kay Lowry wrote a wonderful blog article about Jamie that can be found

here: A Little Girl’s Musical Wish


Just want to make you aware of the great things our organization is doing and I

Know you will want to join me in thanking Brandon and Dawn for their willingness to reach out on behalf of KMTA.


Musically Yours,

Sue Lieberman



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October Meeting Program

KMTA held a lively discussion about practice tips and techniques after the September meeting? Do you have any advice you’d like to give if you are a music teacher? We are looking forward to this month’s program on October 21, entitled Alicia Fiderkiewicz “Challenges for Young Pianists Learning/Performing Chopin”.

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Here’s another article worth reading:

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Testing Pianos Like A Pro

I came across this blog by Glen Barkman: It is quite comprehensive and informative!

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Katy Music Teachers Association Annual Jazz/Pops Recital

The Katy Music Teachers Association held its annual Jazz/Pops recitals on November 9 at the Living Word Lutheran Church in Katy.  The following students performed in the 11:00 Am recital:

Row 1, from left to right:

Jazz-pops 11AM jpg

Gavin Yang, Kevin Yang, Caitlin Nhan, Kaitlin Shek, Max Wang, Henry Lu, Amy Peng, Stephanie Wang, Connie Yang, Joanna Wang.

Row 2, from left to right: Isabella Truong, Austin Xu, Nadia Truong, Kelly Hu, Raghavi Rajesh, Justin Xu, Joshua Fan, Hanna Teerman, Henry Botond.

The following students performed in the 12:00 PM recital:

Jazz-pops 12 pm jpg

Row 1, from left to right:

Sunny Chen, Candace Li, Iman Al Harthy, Ellen Yue, Lauren Yao, Joseph Thang, Jesse Zou, Matthew Lyles.

Row 2: from left to right:

Sourav Banerjee, Teresa Hoang, Jon McCoy, Harshul Rao, Rachel Yuan, Sarah Zhang, Lindsay Chu ,Will Gambrell, , McKenzie Sweeney.

Participating teachers were Linda Bryan, Susan Lieberman, Nancy Stevenson, Catherine Tetreault, MaryAnn LaCour Whitworth and Carmen Yip.

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Wee Folks Recital

KMTA presented the annual Wee Folks Recital on October 19, 2013 at the LivingWordLutheranChurch.

The following students participated in the 10:00 Am recital.

From left to right, row 1:

Annie Li, Brian Xiong, Emma Zeng, Anthony Li, Olivia Chong, Anthony Zhu, Lucas Yuan, Timothy Chau, Megan Chou, Nathan Oentoro,

Row 2: Tony Chen, Victoria Zhang, Regina Wu, Cristy Chau, Nicole Teerman, Clair Huang, Reika Truong, Christina Gu, Tess Chan, Bella Chan and Kenrich Huyuh.


The following students participated in the 11:00 AM Wee Folks Recital:

Amelie Kwok, Mia So, Iona Forrester, Abigail Dailey, Sophia tamlin, Alex Shi, Tracy Li, Keira Dawson, Lu Lu Ma, Julia Hu, Riley Hall, Darcie Birbiglia, Raghav Rau, Andrew Marshall, Kathryn Marshall, Jessie Sun, Joshua Lyles, Arnav Rao.


Participating teachers were LInda Bryan, Susan Lieberman, Cheryl Marshall, Colleen Stadnick, Nancy Stevenson, Catherine Tetreault, MaryAnn Whitworth and Carmen Yip.

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